Solutionary Arts of New England was formed for the purpose of providing artistic services to support important causes and help create solutions in the community.

Bethany Perkins was a choral teacher working with middle school students in Maine who felt disheartened by the state of the world. Wanting to help the children, and with the assistance of her grad school program through the Institute for Humane Education/Antioch University New England, she created a solutionary choral curriculum. Solutionary means identifying inhumane, unsustainable, and unjust systems and then developing solutions that are healthy and equitable for people, animals, and the environment. Students could choose a cause for the year, work on solutions around that cause, and culminate with an educational fundraising concert.
This program was such a success that Bethany was invited to blog about it for the national choral director's association, ACDA, and also gave a presentation on developing this curriculum at the Maine Music Educators' Conference.

Seeing the impact this program had, Bethany wished to expand the scope, and SANE was born. Now, you can contact us to provide an artistic event that illuminates the problem that is important to you or your organization. This can be a concert, skits, poetry, visual art, or a combination. Alternately, we can coach you directly so that you can create such an event yourselves, or in collaboration with us. We can also help you to reach the audiences that most need to hear your message, and those who we need to help make change occur.

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